Turning on the light of the keyboard

Turning on the light of the keyboard
  • Jan 12th, 2024
  • Abhishek Chauhan
  • Computer
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Have you ever seen how the keyboard lit up? Well, a lighted keyboard looks excellent and fancy, mainly when you use that keyboard at night.

This feature of lighting up the keyboard is not in every built-in laptop keyboard; it is mainly in the additional keyboard attached to the computer.

Benefits of the lighting keyboard

There is a list of benefits of a keyboard light some are mentioned below -:

· You can do work on the keyboard at night

·        It looks more classy and elegant with a fancy touch

·        It is more suitable for gamers and streamers who play and stream at night

·        It is no more expensive.

·        It enhances the visuality of the keyboard buttons.

How to turn on the light of the laptop keyboard

To  turn on the laptop keyboard light, follow these easy and simple steps -:

If your laptop has a backlit keyboard, press the Fn key with the combination of F5. This combination of Fn + f5 will light your keyboard with colorful lights.

Note -:

This combination of Fn + F5 will not perform the same function in every laptop or computer. The keyboard light also depends on which model of laptop or PC you have.

On some keyboards or Laptops, the buttons for lighting up the keyboard area are different. In this case, press the F9 or F11 keys to try the combination of Fn +F9 and Fn+F11 to turn on the keyboard light.

These different function keys or controls used on your laptop to light up the key also have the symbol of light painted on the button. You can also look at that symbol so as not to be confused.


You can also adjust the light of the keyboard in terms of increasing brightness or not. Follow these steps to increase or decrease the brightness of the keyboard light -:

1.      Turn on your laptop.

2.      Press the window key + X key.

3.      Select the mobility center option on the page.

4.      Search for the keyboard brightness option.

5.      Open the keyboard brightness option. To increase the brightness of the keyboard light, drag the slider on the right side.

6.      To decrease the brightness of the keyboard light, drag the slider on the left side.

Note -:

This setting of adjusting the brightness of the keyboard light may not be found in every model. For more information about it, call your laptop model's manufacturer or customer service.

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This blog concludes with the steps through which you can turn on the light of the laptop keyboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Press F9 or F 11 key to turn on the keyboard light. In some keyboards, F6 is also used to lighten the keyboard.

Yes, you can turn on the light on the keyboard on windows 10 by pressing the F5 key. Windows 10 laptops come with the feature of lighting the keyboard.

Press Fn + Spacebar on the keyboard to turn on the led light of the laptop keyboard.

Fn keys or function keys are the shortcut performer on a laptop. These key functions various tasks directly on the laptop or PC.

Well it is not a standard feature on all keyboards. Many laptop models come equipped with backlit keys but many do not have this feature. Different manufacturers use different methods for making the keyboard light up but in most cases function keys are used to enable the backlight of the keyboard.
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