Rotate An Image On Your Laptop

Rotate An Image On Your Laptop
  • Sep 1st, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
  • Laptop
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Are you unable to Rotate An Image On Your Laptop? Rotating an image is a necessity for the viewers, which makes the display more accessible in different directions for a better visual experience. In this blog, we will help those people who are unable to Rotate their display mage or any picture. In this blog, we will try to solve all the questions related to the Rotation of images on a PC, how can you rotate a picture of your laptop in different directions and angles. There are some pictures or images which have a slightly different direction or are at the wrong angle we can make their direction perfect by rotating left and right in just some simple steps. We couldn't watch Movies, Videos, and GIFs on a laptop without a proper direction. Rotation increases the viewer's comparability and enhances the image's visuality. So we need to learn this simple step of rotating an image on a laptop.

These are some basic points from which you can easily Rotate an image in any direction you want on your laptop:-

1. From Microsoft paint -

One of the best applications for rotating an image right, left, up, down or in any direction you want is Microsoft paint. It is an inbuilt application that is inserted and attached to a PC. To use this application,

• Choose a picture or image for rotation.

Click on the windows icon at the down bottom of your laptop.

• Click on the MS paint, and open the image in MS paint.

• There is an option of"rotate" Click on it and rotate the picture.

• 90° and 180° are only functional in MS paint.

2. MS window explorer

MS window explorer is also one of the considerable tools that can be used in rotating a picture on a laptop.

Open the selected file or image in MS window explorer.

•Select the rotate option and rotate the image.

• There are only some specific moments of rotation in the latest version of window explorer.

3. MS word

• Open the image in Microsoft Word.

•Select the rotate option from the picture tool format.

• Select the 'Rotate' icon.

• Select ' more rotation option ' to get a wider range in rotation of an image.

4. In Windows 10

There are three ways to rotate an image in widow 10 easily on your laptop or PC

(I) In MS explorer

(II) In photo Viewer

(III)In windows photo viewer

Above we already discussed how to use MS explorer to rotate an image. Now we will take a look at How can we take the help of a photo viewer or window photo viewer to rotate an image.

• to rotate the image, open the selected image window photo viewer.

•Press Ctrl +R to rotate the image in the right direction.

•Press Ctrl+L to rotate the image in the left direction.

• for rotating the image clockwise and anti-clockwise direction press (Ctrl +. )and (Ctrl +,)

• Save the images after rotation.

• To move or rotate an image in a photo viewer.

• Open photo viewer on your laptop or PC.

• Choose and view the picture for rotation.

• Press and hold shortcut keys (Ctrl+Alt+Right, Ctrl +Alt +left) or directly select the rotate option from the list of picture tools format.

•Rotate the picture or image.

•Click Finish and Save.

You can also use some shortcut keys to rotate an image in your desired direction and position it on the laptop or PC.

•Press and hold Ctrl +Alt+ Up arrow key for rotating an image or picture in landscape mode or the above direction.

•Press and hold the Ctrl+Alt+down arrow key for rotating an image or picture and screen in non-original settings or move to another side.

• You can also press Ctrl+ Alt+right or Ctrl+Alt+ left in the choice of alternative options.

4. Install Third-party apps on the laptop

There are several apps through which you can rotate an image easily.

•Adobe photoshop - It is one of the most useful apps for photo editing, resizing, and rotating. It is easy to use.

•Install the app from the web browser.

• open and select the image.

• click on the ' rotate the image' or canvas option.

•You can rotate images in the right-left up down horizontal and vertical directions.

•Google photo viewer, pixel app, flip photo, etc. are also some popular apps used in to move any image in right, left, vertical and horizontal direction.

• free Online Apps

Open free rotating image sites on the laptop. Here you can rotate the image with many rotation options like at specific angles and degrees (90°, 180°, 360°). On these free online sites, you get a wide variety option of photo pictures like increasing the size of an image, decreasing the shape, size, and dimensions of an image, and converting them into the high-quality picture resolution from low-quality picture resolution and low-quality pictures to high-quality picture resolution. These are the followed point through which we can rotate an image on a laptop.

You can ask your queries and doubts in the comment section. Any kind of suggestions and advice regarding this blog write them down in the comment box. Follow our site for more information related to technologies, laptops, PCs, and many more.




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