Mirroring screen mobile to laptop

Mirroring screen mobile to laptop
  • Jan 12th, 2024
  • Abhishek Chauhan
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Do you also want to know how to screen mirror a mobile to a laptop? If yes, then read this article carefully to do it.

Mirroring Screen Mobile To Laptop

Do you know about the feature of mirroring a screen? If not, then read below.

The mirroring of the screen is a feature for mobile or laptop devices through which you can cast an exact net of one device on another device.

For example,

Mirroring a mobile screen on a laptop means that you can see the exact screen of your Android mobile on the prominent display of the computer. Whatever you do on the mobile phone will display the same on the laptop screen.

What Is The Use Of Mirroring The Screen?

The mirroring of the screen is the trend and is used by everyone for different purposes, such as -:

·  The mirroring of screen feature provides better visualization of the bigger screen

·  It provides high resolution as it displays on a wide display screen

·  It is an easy process through which not only an individual enjoys the watch on the big screen, but also many people can enjoy their watch simultaneously.

· The mirroring of the screen is not limited to a specific device.

·  For example, you can mirror the screen of a mobile phone to a laptop and on television.

·  The mirroring of the screen provides a better experience of the graphical display with precise visuality.

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How do you screen Mirror Mobile to a laptop?

Microsoft introduced this feature of miracasting or casting a screen through Android mobile phones in Windows 10 laptops as a new feature through which you can connect your computer to become ready to join wireless casting.

To mirror a screen is an easy task. To reflect a mobile phone screen on the Windows 10 laptop screen, follow these simple steps -:

1. Turn on your laptop or PC.

2. Make sure your wifi is turned on and has access to the internet.

3. Go to the settings option.

4. Search for the option of "Projecting to this PC" in the settings list.

5. Click on it.

6. It opens up with three unfilled columns.

7. Fill out these columns by selecting these options-

8. Fill in the first column by selecting the " available everywhere" option.

9. Fill out the second column by selecting "First time only."

10. If you are comfortable, fill in the privacy pins in the third column, then fill it out. Otherwise, leave the third column.

11. This will enable the casting screen system on your laptop.

12.   Now turn on your smart mobile phone.

13.   Go to the phone settings or the notification tab.

14.   Search for the screencast option on the mobile.

15.   After enabling this option, you can see the list of available laptop devices.

16.   Search or recognize the laptop device name.

17.   Click on the name of your laptop device to connect it to your mobile.

18.   Allow or access permission to the laptop to cast your mobile screen.

19.   Now, your mobile phone screen mirrors the laptop screen.

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Note -:

Ensure your laptop and mobile devices connect using the same wifi connection. If the link is different, you cannot cast the screen of your mobile phone onto the laptop screen.

This screencasting or mirror screen feature is available only on Windows 10 and 11 laptops. There may be other ways to cast the net with third-party apps on another window, but it will increase the risk of spyware and malware. But you can use apps such as Vysor, ApowerMirror, AirDroid (Wireless), MobZapp (Wireless), and Mobizen to mirror a phone screen to a laptop.


This blog concludes with the procedure to mirror your mobile phone screen on your laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The mirroring of the mobile screen to a laptop screen provides a better experience of the graphical display with clear visuals on a big screen.

Yes, you can cast it on tv.

Yes, you can mirror the mobile screen to your television screen wirelessly but you should have a smart T.V.

Read out this article and the procedure of mirroring a mobile screen on a laptop which is mentioned above.

The casting of the screen is a feature of mobile or laptop devices through which you can mirror an exact screen of one device on another device.
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