Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

It should be fixed if your keyboard is not working correctly or is damaged. At the NSS Laptop Service Center, your laptop keyboard will be replaced in excellent and safe hands. Our expert teams of technicians are fully engaged and can handle all functional keyboards for your laptop. We provide services all over Delhi at very affordable rates. We make sure your laptop is working correctly and has been replaced safely.

Suppose your laptop keyboard is seriously damaged or has problems you can't fix; consider repairing or replacing it. Most keyboards are replaceable and can be purchased online or through specialist NNS Laptop repair services.

Save Your Time with Our Doorstep Service in Delhi NCR

Our doorstep service can save you time. Whether you are in the office, busy at home, or wherever you are, we will be at your doorstep. Our expert team will come to your location on just one call. We do not charge for doorstep service.

We know the value of time in this busy schedule. So, we solved this problem for you with our doorstep service. From checking the performance of your laptop keyboard to replacing it, our technicians will do everything safely at your doorstep. NSS Laptop Service Center is the best option if you are looking for free service at your doorstep.


Why NSS best in Laptop Repair Market

Free Pickup & Drop
No more unnecessary service center visits!
Experienced Engineers
No need to find a technician. Get experts at home!
100% Assured Warranty
Assured warranty on all services. No questions asked!
ISO Certified Company
NSS is an ISO certified organization. Quality assured!
No Diagnosis Charges
Diagnosis of MacBook is FREE of cost. No hidden charges!
High Quality Spare Parts
Only high quality spares are used. Quality assured!

Issues That Cause For A Keyboard Replacement

Understanding why your laptop keyboard is damaged is essential to keeping it in optimal condition and prolonging its useful life.

Common problems that indicate your laptop needs a keyboard replacement:

Frequent use: Continuous keyboard use, incredibly intense, can lead to wear and tear on the keys and internal mechanisms.

Liquid Spills: Spilled liquids are one of the main hazards for keyboards. Contact with liquids can damage internal circuitry and cause critical malfunction.

Particles and Dirt: The accumulation of particles, such as food crumbs and dust, between the keys can interfere with their function and cause long-term damage.

Typing Errors: If your laptop keyboard is repeating typing words and can't write well or can't display some unintended characters, it shows time to replace your laptop keyboard.

Bumps and drops: Bumps and drops can damage the keyboard's keys and internal structure, affecting performance.

Quality of Materials: The quality of the keyboard itself and the materials used in its construction can affect its durability. Low-quality keyboards are more prone to damage.

If you are experiencing all these problems, don't try to do it yourself at home. Try contacting an experienced person or a professional. If you need expert help, choose the NSS Laptop Service Center. We optimize your laptop performance in all issues.


How to Avoid Keyboard Damage

To keep your laptop keyboard in top condition, consider the following tips:

1.       Avoid eating or drinking near your laptop: Keep food and drink away to reduce the risk of falling.

2.       Regular cleaning: Clean the keyboard occasionally to remove particles and dirt. Use compressed air and soft cloths.

3.       Use keyboard protectors: Silicone can protect against liquid spills and particles.

4.       Safe transportation: If you travel with your laptop, use a padded case to protect it from bumps and drops.

5.       Avoid hitting the keys: Press them gently, and do not hit them with unnecessary force.

6.       Keep your laptop up-to-date: Software updates can improve keyboard performance and fix bugs. 


How does the NSS Laptop Service Center Replace the Laptop Keyboard? Let's See Their Procedure

The procedure for replacing the keyboard is seamless at the NSS Laptop Service Center. We diagnose your laptop keyboard problem carefully. Our technicians are trained and can deal with all types of keyboard problems.

Procedure to Replace Laptop Keyboard:

Fingering out Issue

Our dedicated technicians first figure out the issue in detail. They know better where the problem is and why your laptop keyboard is showing errors.

Quote and Approval

They solve all your laptop keyboard problems with all the guides and prices. We will start the procedure after you approve and agree.

Final Check

We will check with you regarding the wrap-up and final check after the change. We have finalized everything to put it in your hands.

Also, our team at NSS provides laptop keyboard replacement services for all types of laptops. Our keyboard replacement services in Delhi provide a warranty.

Our top laptop repair services in Delhi include laptop keyboard replacement

If you are unsure that the keyboard needs to be replaced or there may be another issue with your laptop, here are the other laptop services you can choose and prepare your laptop fast.



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We provide 100% professional support for your device near your location.

Compare us - Why our Laptop Solutions Best in India

Authorise Service
NSS Laptop
Free Pickup & Drop
Expert Technicians
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NSS Laptop Service Center Offers Best Keyboard Replacement Services in Delhi NCR As Compared to Local Shop


You have tried many services at the Local Shop or sometimes get service from an authorised service center. Both of these do not guarantee the work or may be uneducated technicians who may destroy your laptop keyboard due to their lack of knowledge. Also, they don't offer free delivery. They charge more than professionals.

But did you wonder why the "NSS Laptop Service Center" is recommended? They offer many good things. Here you can see what they are:

·         Free doorstep service

·         Educated and expert technician

·         Branded and quality parts

·         They use original components

·         Offer Warranty

·         Free check-in before replacement

·         Affordable rates

·         No extra charges for extra check-in

·         Cooperative team

All these top features boost the NSS laptop.

Why our Customer Recommend Us

Cost to Repair or Replacement Laptop Keyboard in Delhi

Does laptop keyboard repair cost more? This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Prices may vary, depending on your laptop keyboard issues. Before processing, our team checks everything at NSS Laptop Keyboard Replacement Service in Delhi. We do not charge a fee to check or diagnose problems.

Prices depend on the issue. Therefore, it is not good to call the prices final. We will tell you what the problem is and how much it will cost to repair. Most prices start from 700 INR.

Modal Number / Series Part Name Part Cost Repair Cost
Dell Inspiron 14 5410 2-in-1 Backlight Keyboard Replacement ₹2,250 Not Repairable
HP PAVILION GAMING 15-DK0046TX Backlight Keyboard Replacement ₹3,250 Not Repairable
Lenovo Ideapad 320-15ISK Keyboard Replacement ₹1,450 Not Repairable
Dell Inspiron 3542 Keyboard Replacement ₹1,450 Not Repairable
Apple MacBook Air A1466 Backlight Keyboard Replacement ₹3,450 Not Repairable
Dell Inspiron 15 7537 Backlight Keyboard Replacement ₹2,250 Not Repairable
ASUS M413l Palmrest with keyboard replacement ₹5,250 Not Repairable
Lenovo Ideapad S340-15IIL U Backlight Keyboard Replacement ₹2,250 Not Repairable
Acer PH315-51-71M4 Backlight Keyboard Replacement ₹3,450 Not Repairable
  1. Price may vary depending on product availability & market price fluctuation.
  2. No Fix No Free @ NSS Laptop Service Center Store.

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If your laptop keyboard is frequently repeating words, experiencing typing errors, or showing unintended characters, it\'s time to consider replacement. Common signs include wear due to frequent use, liquid spills, accumulation of particles, and damage from bumps or drops.

The cost varies based on the specific issues with your laptop keyboard. NSS Laptop Service Center does not charge for checking or diagnosing issues. Prices start from 700 INR and depend on the nature of the problem. The team provides a detailed explanation of the issue and the corresponding repair cost before proceeding.

The procedure includes a detailed diagnosis by trained technicians, providing a quote with all guides and prices, starting the procedure after customer approval, and a final check to ensure everything is in order. NSS ensures a seamless process for all types of laptop keyboard issues.

NSS Laptop Service Center offers several advantages, including free doorstep service, educated and expert technicians, the use of branded and quality parts, original components, warranty, free check-in before replacement, affordable rates, and a cooperative team. These features distinguish NSS as a reliable choice.
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