How To Share Your Laptop Internet With Your Android Phone Via USB Cable

How To Share Your Laptop Internet With Your Android Phone Via USB Cable
  • Sep 13th, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
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How To Share Your Laptop Internet With Your Android Phone Via USB Cable

Wondering whether it is possible to browse through the Internet without Wi-Fi or Mobile data? Yes, it’s possible. However, you can par-take it with your Android devices just by using a USB cable, if your laptop has Internet connections. Sounds cool? Read on also, this post is for you.


Ø  First of all you have to, connect your Android phone to your laptop through a USB port. Your Mobile phone will automatically connect in the USB charge-only mode. A Notification wills pop up as shown in the screenshot below. This will you to open another option for USB computer connections.


Now you have to find a section named “CONNECT AS” under USB computer connection. Now check the radio button corresponding to the USB storage option as shown below.


  Moving further, now you have to launch the Settings screen in your mobile phones. Then click on the more option under the section WIRELESS & NETWORKS as shown.


 Your fourth step is to find an option named USB Internet under the Wireless & networks section and open it.


Now you have to select your system version from the dropdown menu. When you are done, click on the Next button appearing at the end of the screen.


 Once you are done, now you need to open up the Network center in your laptops/PC as indicated in the image. Find and right-click on the network that you want to share with your Android devices via USB cable. Moving further, from the options that gets expanded out, click on Status option or Properties option.


Ø  Simultaneously, a new window will appear named Wireless Network Connection Status. Now you need to locate and click on the button named Properties as showing below in the screenshot.


Ø  At the time when the Wireless Network Connection Properties window appear, click on the Sharing tab and check the checkbox that says Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection. When you are finished, and then click on the OK button.



Ø  We are almost done; now let’s get back to your Android phone from where we left off. Just click on the done button at the bottom of your mobile phone screen.


Ø  There you go! Your mobile phone is now equipped to browse through the Internet using laptop or PC’s Internet connection.

Try out this trick today itself. Just turn off your Wi-Fi or Mobile data and access any webpage via USB cable to amuse your friends. Hope you found what you were searching for and we have served best of our knowledge.                                                                                          

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