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Yes! For the last 8 years, NSS has been the answer to your search - The best Apple repair center near me.

Apple is the world’s largest company by revenue. Back in 2020, Apple pulled in a staggering $274.5 billion as revenue from the market which is the biggest amount of revenue earned by a company on this planet. Further, both as a laptop and mobile manufacturer Apple ranks fourth, globally. Recently, in 2021, being the first-ever tech company on earth Apple crossed the $1 trillion mark through its market value.

So, it’s needless to say that Apple laptops namely, the Macbook series (along with iMacs) are the most popular laptop brand at any corner of the tech ecosystem, and in India, the scenario is the same. Most of the technology sectors in India are led by Apple devices.

Now, having said that, are Apple laptops error-free? Do they require any assistance after a long usage time? Yes, they do require assistance, and Apple devices are not error-free. Especially, when they are old enough to initiate many hiccups.

And, getting service from official Apple care is not always a feasible idea. That’s where the NSS Apple repair center walks in to solve your laptop repairing issues. We proudly say that we are the answer to your google search - the best apple repair center near me. We are a versatile Apple repair center, and we are spread across India. Even to your doorstep. We value your problems and time. That’s why our apple repair center near you is a call away from you.

Further, we are just not an Apple repair center, we are a laptop buying selling platform too. You can always sell your out-of-warranty or old Apple laptop to us. We buy used laptops and refurbish them to revive their performance. And, we also sell refurbished laptops to our users. Any brand. Any day. Most importantly, we offer the best price to our customers.

Added to this pile, we also sell authentic laptop spare parts. Our Apple repair center doesn’t only repair Macbooks and other Apple devices. We are a laptop spare parts store, and we are at your service. Whether you need a new motherboard, keyboard, display screen or else we have that for you. Further, if you want to upgrade your Macbook’s ram or you want to install an SSD into your Laptop, we are here for you, always.

Why you should choose the NSS laptop repair service center?

How you should evaluate a laptop repair center? Admittedly, there are many technical factors to judge a laptop repair center. We bet service quality and turn-around time are the most important factors of them as far as your general analysis is concerned.

You are 100% right. We do believe in those factors. 

There are many upsides when it comes to the NSS Apple repair center. First of all, we are doing this for the last 8+ years. And, during these years we have picked up some technical superiorities while repairing laptops of all known brands. We do have a widely experienced team of technicians and engineers who are pouting their last drop of knowledge and effort to solve your laptop issues.

Secondly, our laptop repairing service is governed by a single mantra - same-day delivery. Admittedly, the laptops that come to our Apple repair center have different levels of problems. Each problem that we solve takes a different amount of time and we always can not make the delivery within the same day. But, we always try to, with most of our laptop repairs, deliver the repaired laptop within the same day.

Further, we are spread across India. Our NSS Apple repair center shops are strategically placed in the most important cities that mostly look for laptop repairing services near to them. As a result, we have a large customer base who are happy and satisfied with our service quality and timely delivery.  

Here are some of the important tech factors of our service that will possibly make you choose us: 

  • We are Available  - NSS Apple repair center service is available throughout the year. We believe in same-day delivery and we are skilled in solving any kind of laptop issue.
  • We have a wide reach - Our Apple repair centers are available across this nation. And, we believe that we are nearest to you irrespective of the city that you live in.
  • We are a store - We do buy and sell Apple laptop spare parts. In both cases, our customers get the best price in the market.
  • We are a Laptop Buying and Selling Platform - You can sell or buy old laptops at reasonable rates.
  • Transparency of business - We provide a warranty when you buy spare parts or refurbished laptops from us. We have a no-question asked money-back guarantee policy that covers the first 30-days of the service.
  • The Cheapest cost for the best service - Our laptop repairing service is available at INR250/-. This is the cheapest laptop repairing cost that is known to us.
  • We are known - We do have 7+ years of extensive professional experience.
  • We do not negotiate with Skill - Professional expertise, offered by more than 30 engineers and a large group of regularly trained technicians.
  • We are confident - 100% user satisfaction rate.

We repair all popular Apple laptop series

The popular Apple laptop series are:

  • MacBook Air(All generations & versions)
  • MacBook Pro(All generations & versions)

Whether it’s an entry-level MacBook Air model or the latest MacBook Pro, we repair all generations and versions of Apple Laptops at our NSS Apple repair center.

What are the signs of a laptop that needs repairing?

Undoubtedly, Apple laptops are the best performing laptops out there on the market. But, that doesn’t mean they will never fail. They will never face any performance hiccups. And, at times they will freeze to death.

With any popular laptop brand, these issues are common and they will until the device named ‘Laptop’ exists on this planet. That’s why here we have listed the most frequent problems that Apple laptop owners face day to day with their possible remedies that can be done at home.

Having said this, we strongly recommend that when your laptop faces serious hardware & software-related issues, you do not you with them if you are not confident about those problems. In such cases, technicians and the engineers of the NSS Apple repair center can be your solution maker.

So, the common problems that are detailed here, are mostly surface-level problems and they can be mitigated easily without any professional assistance. If you face any problem that you can not solve at home or you are not being able to understand the issue completely, please bring your laptop to the nearest NSS Apple repair center where our skilled technicians can take a professional look at it.

Is your MacBook dying frequently/suddenly?

This problem can initiate from different areas. Firstly, make sure that your Macbook is charging properly when connected. If it’s charging then there’s no charging-related issue. Then you should look into the fact that whether your Macbook is dying even when the battery charge percentage is healthy.

If it is, then the problem may be in the battery or it is originating from a different part of the device.

Do a proper shutdown to eliminate the problem. First, press and hold the power button to shut down the device. Do the same to power up the device. It’s called a hard reset. Now, once macOS loads do a soft reset. Simply restart the device from the software layer.

This process should kill the issue. But, if the problem still exists, go to the SMC or System Management Controller. And, try to reset it as it controls most of the hardware resources and the other software programs that are running on the device.

Lastly, if the problem does exist, it’s time to bring the device to your nearest NSS Apple repair center.

Black/Blue/Grey Screen at startup?

When your laptop is starting up, you may face a different colored screen except for the normal booting screen. Now, if you face a black or blue screen, it means at the startup your MacBook has stumbled upon a problematic application or a glitchy startup process.

Resetting your MacBook is your best option here. Further, if the problem still exists then, you always can load the run the device in safe mode to see what is causing the problem. You can sort out the glitchy program or the issue within the startup process.

Use a Mac cleaner application to get rid of these faulty programs. 

Added to this, if you are seeing a grey screen after startup, then it signifies that one of the important software is not responding. You can try running your Mac in the safe mode or you can go to the utility center to check if there’s any bad sector in the hard drive that is causing the problem.

Poor quality webcam image?

There can be both software and hardware-related issues. If only one video app is causing all the problems and the other camera-related tasks are going well then the glitchy video app software is at play here. Try removing the application first and then reinstalling it. 

But, if all the camera-related tasks are displaying issues then the problem is most probably related to the macOS. Try updating your macOS if there is any update available.  Else if there is any driver update related to the camera try to do that first.

If nothing seems to be working then it's good to bring your laptop to your nearest NSS Apple repair center.

Is MacBook not sensing external devices?

All of the latest generation Macbook Air and Macbook Pro series come with a minimum SSD storage. So, most of Apple users are quite friendly with the usage of external devices like HDD and alike.

Let's play you are planning an external device to your Macbook and it is not sensing.  Firstly, you need to make sure that the external device is compatible with the Macbook that you are running. Let's play it is compatible with your Mac still it is not getting sensed when you are plugging it into your MacBook.

Now try plugging that same external device on different laptops and check whether it's working on those laptops or not. Secondly,  check whether the external port of your Macbook is faulty or mechanically broken. You also need to check whether the cable of the external device is ok, and it is getting connected with your Macbook in a proper way.

Lastly, if you find out that your external device and cable are working OK, but your MacBook external port is faulty then you need to bring your Macbook to the nearest NSS Apple repair center where our experienced technicians would be able to look into that matter in a professional way.

Macbook’s screen is flickering?

This problem can originate from different hardware sections. First, you need to ensure that your Macbook screen is not physically damaged. If that's not the problem then follow the steps :

  1. Is your macOS updated? If not, update it first.
  2. You can reset the PRAM/NVRAM. This mostly causes the screen flickering problem.
  3. Are you using Chromium or Firefox on your Mac? Both these web browsers are known to cause the screen flickering problem on Mac.  Use other web browsers.
  4. Try to run your Macbook on safe mode and locate the faulty problem which is causing the screen flickering issue.

MacBook running sluggishly?

Do you have enough Ram on your MacBook? Is your hard drive failing on your MacBook? These hardware issues can cause your Macbook to run slowly or sluggishly. Try these fixes:

  1. Do a simple restart.
  2. Go for a Mac hardware upgrade.
  3. Check whether your hard drive is working properly or not on your MacBook.
  4. You can go to the ‘Activity Centre’ to check whether a particular problem is causing this damage or your Macbook is working properly with everything working simultaneously.
  5. Lastly, if you haven't updated the operating system of your Macbook it's time to update the same.

Now, if these fixes cannot solve your problem then there are some deep issues with your Macbook hardware system and it is the best time to bring your Macbook to your nearest NSS Apple repair center.

MacBook is not charging?

Fast check if your electrical outlet is active. Secondly, check whether your Macbook charger is working properly or not. Thirdly check whether your Macbook charging port is working properly or not. Try to connect your Macbook charger with other MacBooks and check whether your charger is being able to charge those MacBooks or not.

If your Macbook charger is being able to charge other Macbooks then there are certainly some issues with your Macbook charging Plug or your laptop battery. Now try other Macbook charges with your Macbook and see whether your Macbook is getting charged or not.

If not, then the problem is out of your hand.  in such cases we strongly recommend that you been your laptop to your nearest NSS Apple repair center and have our technicians take a look at it.

MacBook is not shutting Down?

At times Macbook does fail to shut down because it freezes during the shutdown process. Now this problem can occur from many places.

  1. Your opened programs may stop your Macbook from the shutdown process.
  2. At times your macOS can freeze and stop the shutdown process.

You can try these fixes:

  1. Reset the NVRAM.
  2. Go to the SMC and reset that.
  3. Switch to the safe mode and try Re initiating your MacBook.
  4. Try running the Apple Diagnostics on your MacBook.
  5. Check whether you have switched off the ‘FileValut’. It can stop mac from shutting down.

If all of these aforesaid fixes are not working then please bring your MacBook to your nearest NSS Apple repair center.

Are You Looking For An Out-Of-Warranty Laptop Service Under A Pocket-Friendly Budget? NSS Apple Repair Center Near You Can Provide You With The Same.

Laptop warranty is a big thing. Especially, when it comes to Apple MacBook repairing warranty plays a big role. Unlike other laptop manufacturers, Apple has a strict policy to deal with out-of-warranty laptops.

Now, that’s a big worry for the Apple laptop owners whose laptop is well past the warranty period. So, how will they get the awesomeness of the premium Apple care service for their laptops? Where they will repair their laptop in time of great hurry?

If these questions are nagging you, then NSS Apple repair center is the right answer to you. We do repair out-of-warranty laptops with utmost care. You can expect Apple premium care level service from the NSS Apple repair center near you.

Further, we do buy out of warranty and used laptops. You can always sell your old laptop to us and buy a refurbished or a new one. We buy and sell laptops at the best market price. So, you get the best deal when you are selling your old laptops to us and at the same time, you can also buy refurbished laptops at the cheapest rates from us.  

NSS is Fighting against e-waste.

According to a published report by the Global E-waste monitor 2020 and United Nation Environment Program(UNEP), 53.6 million metric tons of e-waste was spewed by the global IT business. And, the value of the raw material in that amount of waste was around $57 billion. Further, India as a leading IT solution provider played a major role in this accumulation of E-waste.

So, we, the people behind the NSS Apple repair center always wanted to change this picture. Our company vision is simple - Life on this planet is not human-centric and we can not destroy nature for our greed and technological progress. We believe in a green business approach. 

And, right from the start, NSS is doing its business in an ecologically sensitive way. We treat e-waste seriously and our business process is on the same page with that Indian government e-waste processing and handling standards. We tend to maintain the surrounding atmosphere clean and green.

Lastly, NSS also takes part in many of the state and central government’s tree-planting initiatives to stand by our green business process oath. It’s our appeal to all of our customers that they should join hands in these ecological programs to make it a grand success for all habitats of this planet.  


Q. How do you know when your MacBook is dying?

There are many signs that may tell you that your MacBook is dying:

  1. Sluggish performance
  2. HDD failure
  3. System overheat
  4. Diminished battery health/battery will not be able to hold charge for long.
  5. Different hardware elements failure

Q. How long do Mac laptops last?

According to the official Apple repair center, with the macOS update, any MacBook can be in business for at least 5 to 7 years. But, practically it was seen that any MacBook if used properly lasts for at least 10+ years.

Q. How do you tell if your Mac is corrupted?

There are different signs from which you will be able to tell that your Macbook is loaded with corrupted programs. First of all, you will face problems at the startup. Secondly, during the program execution, Macbook will freeze suddenly. And, the worst outcome of this is that at times you will face the blue/black screen of death.

Q. How do I run diagnostics on my Mac?

There’s a certain process to run diagnostics on your MacBook. Follow these steps:

  1. Long press the power button at the startup of your MacBook.
  2. It will launch the startup options screen.
  3. From here, to start the Apple diagnostic, press ‘command+D’.
  4. Apple diagnostic will start running automatically, and it finishes up with the list of problems it encountered during the process.

Q. How do I know if my Mac hard drive is failing?

There are many signs of hard drive failure. Try checking these:

  1. Is your in-built or external hard drive making unnatural or noisy sounds? There can be mechanical issues.
  2. Are you able to access all of your files on your hard drive?
  3. HDD files corrupted?

If there’s a hard drive failure, it’s best to replace that with a new one for optimal performance. At NSS Apple repair center we do data recovery and replace faulty hard drives with new and authentic ones.

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