How To Sell Old Laptops On Amazon

How To Sell Old Laptops On Amazon
  • Aug 31st, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
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How to sell old laptops on Amazon?


Laptops are popular with consumers substantially because of their excellent portability, comfort, and performance; all coming in one small package. As per recent studies, electronic goods induce the maximum online buying interest in the guests and laptops have surfaced to come one of the best-selling online products in India. Adding to it, as an online dealer, dealing laptops online isn’t only a good business idea but may also be a money-making one.

So in this article, you will see step by step guide on how to sell laptops online.

Step 1- Visit the website.

Step 2- Make a selling account on Amazon.

Make your seller account by filling in your particulars similar to the name, E-mail ID and make your password. When you’re registered on Amazon, you’re presumed to fill in your legal name and enter your contact details. You’ll get an OTP so that you can confirm your phone number.

Step 3- Fill in your business particulars.

Enter your store name and choose Mobiles, Computers classification for dealing laptops. The coming move is to enter your address details. You can choose how you want to transport your order from the shipping option available for Amazon dealers. Update your tax information if you have a GST number, enter the details and start listing laptops on Amazon. in.

Step 4- List your laptops on Amazon.

To list a laptop on Amazon, select one of the four easy ways to list your products to the living list, use the ‘Prepare your catalogs’ feature or ‘Custom stock template’ to list products in bulk.

That’s all!

So, if you want to deal with laptops on Amazon, so start your online selling now. Hope that this blog helped you understand all the things about selling your laptop on Amazon. Drop down your all queries in the comment section and follow our page for more updates.

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