How To Replace The Backlight Lamp Ccfl

How To Replace The Backlight Lamp Ccfl
  • Sep 11th, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
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Hello Friends, hope you are all doing fine!

Do you face a backlight dim problem? Does the start-up have a red tint? Does your backlight eventually give out or do you hear any high pitch hum sound coming from your screen? Then here's part two of the laptop repair and disassembly. We're moving away from the experimental operation into a healthy repair.

This blog cautions the readers with a warning with respect to the usage of CCFL Tubes which are small fluorescent bulbs that contain mercury. They are also likely to be made up of lead glass which is very brittle and has a low melting point. Therefore avoid shock and unnecessary stresses on the bulb that includes prolonged periods of high heat due to soldering iron. We recommend that you do not twist or bend your backlight CCFL bulb by wrapping wire around it.

Here is a list of Parts and Supplies:

To disassemble your machine you’ll need the following:
1. Bulb for replacement
2. High Temp Foil Tape having EMF Shielding
3. Soldering Iron
4. Solder Wick
5. Wire Cutters

Then you need to disassemble it if it isn’t done so already by taking your screen apart!
Find some instructions to disassemble the screen of how to replace the LCD inverter and how to replace the LCD hinges.

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You need to desolder your old bulb by pulling back the silicone end covers in order to expose the old CCFL's solder joints. Desolder uses solder wick to remove the wire as the wire happened to have a nice through-hole end.

Then you need to solder the new bulb if your old bulb has plastic rings and be sure to transfer those over to the new bulb. Then you need to solder on the bulb's wires as you should not apply heat to them for more than 4 seconds. Additionally, we recommend you to place the wire at the base of the connection where these bulbs are not directional so there is no "+" and "-" side.

You then need to trim the bulb which may come with long leads and then you need to trim those with wire cutters. Afterward, the silicone end caps should be replaced.
Then place the Bulb into reflector assembly just as the old bulb as was in the case of wires pointing "up".

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We recommend that you test before going through the trouble of reassembling and then reconnecting your inverter and bulb by restarting your machine. Now does your bulb work? Then allow it to stay on for a few minutes to make sure whether the inverter which is in high pitched squealing doesn't get overloaded. If everything works well then continue forward. If your bulb doesn’t light then check whether your solder joints have any connection issues. If that is also good then check the bulb for any cracks, otherwise, there may be a possibility that you may have got a dead bulb.

Then you need to attach the reflector assembly to the glass which is behind the LCD and polarizing sheets. You'll then find a pane of glass that is about 1cm thick on which the reflector assembly straddles this glass. So you need to do clip the reflector assembly onto this glass and do so in a way that won't break the bulb which is as even as possible.

In the final step, you need to reassemble by reversing the procedure to assemble your laptop.

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We hope that this blog will help our laptop users in replacing their backlight lamp (CCFL).

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