How To Repair A Hp Laptop Charger?

Is your laptop plugged- into the charger but not charging or is your charger having an issue? If yes, and you want to fix this issue to charge your Hp laptop properly then read this article which will guide you to know the methods through which you can know how to fix your hp laptop charger with some easy steps. Before going straight to heighten the main topic we will mention some main points that are responsible for your hp laptop battery not charging.

What Is The Reason For The HP Laptop Not Charging?

HP Laptop

There may be several reasons why your laptop suffers and couldn't charge itself. Some of the main reasons for charging issues are listed below -:

  • Problem in charger

  • Troubleshooting problem in the laptop

  • Battery damage

  • Lifeless Battery

  • If the AC (alternative current ) adapter is not working properly

  • If the processor isn't working properly

  • System failure etc

How To Fix The HP Laptop Charging Problem?

Let's discuss the 5 methods through which you can easily resolve the laptop not charging issues.

If your Hp laptop shows the message "plugged in not charging" over the battery icon then you can directly use these simple manual methods to resolve this issue -

Method 1. Change The Power Adapter Of The HP Laptop

Power Adapter Of The HP Laptop

If the AC or power Adapter of the laptop isn't working properly then it is also a reason for lacking the battery of your laptop. A faulty Adapter leads to a "plugged in not charging" issue. In this case, you have to prefer to change your AC Adapter. Buy an adapter of fine quality. Some common indications of a bad power adapter are the whizzing noise when you plug it into the switch point.

- if the AC adapter is silent, it wouldn't mean that it is not faulty.

- A silent AC Adapter is also has a fault and not compatible with your laptop charging.

To confirm these problems in the AC adapter, try using a different fine-quality AC adapter to charge the Hp laptop's battery.

If the new adapter doesn't charge your laptop’s battery, then the issue is not from your laptop but the AC adapter that is not charging the laptop properly.

How To Repair An HP Laptop Adapter?

  • You have required a proper toolbox to open the adapter.

  • Open the power brick of the power adapter with the suitable tool.

  • With the help of a screwdriver opens the plastic enclosure from the bottom side.

  • Check the wires or solder, if the wires are loose then fix them.

  • Or if the solder has low-voltage cables then fix them properly.

  • After ensuring all the things close the plastic enclosure of the power adapter.

Method 2. Restart Or Reboot Your HP Laptop

Restart The Laptop

Your laptop may have some troubleshooting or system-related problem. In this case, Restart or Reboot your laptop to overcome the charging issue.

1. Turned off your laptop properly.

2. Flip your laptop to the backside and remove the battery.

3. Unplug and disconnect the AC adapter from the power and the laptop.

4. Press and hold the Power button of the laptop for up to 10 seconds.

5. Put your battery back into the laptop after some time.

6. Plugged in and connect the AC adapter to the laptop and wall socket for power.

7. Restart the laptop or reboot it.

8. Now check the laptop if it is charging or not.

Method 3. Update The Battery Drivers Of The Laptop

If the battery drivers are outdated then it also leads to charging issues in your Hp laptop. To update battery drivers follow these simple steps -:

Step 1- Turn on your laptop and Press Windows Key + R to open and Run the dialogue box.

Step 2- Open Command prompt page.

Step 3- Type this command devmgmt. MSC and press the ENTER button.

Step 4- Check the Batteries section list on the page.

Step 5- Then Right-click on the Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery option.

Step 6- Select Uninstall device option from the context menu.

Step 7- select Scan for hardware changes.

Step 8- Right-click on the  Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery again.

Step 9- Click on the Update Driver Software option this time.

Note: You can also install and use software like DriverFix to regularly update your drivers, so you won’t experience charging issues in the future.

Method 4. Fix The HP Laptop Charging Port

HP Laptop Charging Port

Sometimes there is dust settled down inside ports and occurs charging issues so ensure that You can also clean the charging port regularly and properly.

How To Fix The HP Charging Port On A HP Laptop?

  • First Clean the charging port properly by removing dirt and debris.

  • You have required a proper toolbox to open or check the port.

  • Check the port with the suitable tool.

  • Check the wires or solder, if the wires are loose then fix them.

  • Or you can also tighten wires on the metal plate of the port and then repair them properly.

Method 5. Fix The HP Laptop Charger To Resolve To Charge Issues

Check the charger once to whether it is connected to the socket correctly or not. And also check whether there is any breakage into power chords or not. If there is any kind of damage there then fix it from the service center.

How To Fix Or Repair A Broken HP Laptop Charger?

To repair the hp laptop charger  lookout at these points -:

  • If the charger wire is damaged or broken then try to repair it with electronic device tape.

  • If the charger wires are broken from the inside then open the charger case with suitable tools.

  • Set up the chords properly, tighten the loose wires, and check the metal disc also.

  • Close the charger case properly, fold it with the tape and check once whether it is working or not.

  • This is how you can easily fix the hp laptop charging issue by following these methods.

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This article concludes with the easy methods which help you to fix hp laptop charging issues, and repair has broken charging ports, chargers, and adapters.