How To Make A Video Call From Laptop To Mobile

How To Make A Video Call From Laptop To Mobile
  • Jan 16th, 2024
  • Ranjeet Singh
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Hello readers, welcome to our blog. Here you find all the information related to laptops. Today our topic is " TO MAKE A VIDEO CALL FROM LAPTOP TO MOBILE". At present time our topmost priority is to connect with the world to introduce ourselves, our innovations, our ideas, and our goals and to become socially fit on the social media platforms, especially in covid times when everything seems to be stopped. Corona pandemic was the best example which realised us the importance of technologies, laptops and mobile phones. Because these were the devices that helped all of us in that crucial time to connect socially at that time. In the field of loneliness, depression, anxiety and many more these devices helped a lot of people to overcome all of them. When we talk about connecting with people socially we meant that we know about them through online modes like chats and video calls. Video calls provide a better experience in this series of connecting people.  Do you ever think that first, we use to talk to our loved ones, family, friends and relatives who are so far from us through mobile phones and after hearing their voice we feel good right? But now the technology in that space that we don't only hear their audio but also see their faces through smartphones and laptops in the form of the screen display. And believe me one-to-one or face-to-face interaction is always on another level even if it's through a screen. But what happens when we don't know how to use these technologies? It feels bad. right?

That's why we should know HOW YOU CAN MAKE A VIDEO CALL FROM LAPTOP TO MOBILE PHONE? A question stuck in your mind is why we are talking about video calls from laptop to mobile? not mobile to a laptop? it is because of the experience of widescreen display or clear visuality with better audio and video features given by the laptops.


Most laptops have an inbuilt camera so the input of a webcam is essential in a laptop for getting the best quality of video and audio in a video call.


So there are a lot of popular apps in the market which can lead you to make video calls. There are a few topmost apps listed below which are in demand and you can use them for video calls.

1. Zoom App - We all hear about the zoom app in the covid. It is one of the most relevant apps for video calls you can go through. This app is not only for a video call for just connecting 10 to 20 people but it's also used in high-quality video call conferences for connecting more than 100 people at a time. With this app, you can connect from a laptop to mobile easily from a video call.

 You can Install the zoom app through the play store or www. zoom app. in.

By generating and sharing a zoom link to another device you can make video calls and video conferences with your colleagues, friends etc.

2. GOOGLE MEET - Is there any person who couldn't hear about google meet?  this is also one of the most useful apps through which we can make VIDEO CALLS FROM LAPTOP  TO SMARTPHONE. It gives you the experience of high-quality video calls in just some simple steps. It can connect up to 100 people at one time. Like the zoom app, it is also one of the best platforms for learning and teaching online through video calls or conference calls. We can also do chats during a video call.

3. FACEBOOK -  One of the most popular social media platforms is FACEBOOK. Where you can make friends, associate with people, get news, be socially active and get entertained too. Here you can make friends through video calls, chats and many more. Just link your android mobile phone with a laptop.

4. VIDEO CALL THROUGH WHATSAPP - For the purpose to make online calls or video calls WhatsApp is also the right choice. WhatsApp takes place in a popular corner of the market over the year. and its features and service are the reason for its popularity. it is a good platform to reach out to people make online chats, video calls and made online payments also.

•Link your Android smartphone to WhatsApp.

•Open WhatsApp on your PC, Select the contact form which you want to talk.

•click on the left corner camera symbol and enjoy your video call.

5. SKYPE - SKYPE  is also one of the most known apps in the field of video calls. Most people are using this app. It's free for chat and video calls you can connect with up to 10 people at the same time. It is also recently owned by Microsoft. 

There are also some other options of apps through which you can take a better experience of video calling on a laptop like Google duo, Google Hangouts, OoVoo, and Viber.

Can I make a video call from a laptop to a mobile? Or How can I use a laptop for video calls to mobile? You can take help from this blog. If you have any doubts or queries regarding this blog write them down in the comment box.

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