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Dell Authorized Service Center in Manesar, Gurugram

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Dell Laptop Repair Center in Manesar has encountered labour with superfast innovation to reset the warmth sink foundation. Awesome and the specialized exactness with radiant hands-on demo must be convenient to fledgeling clients to comprehend the issues promptly. Warmth spreader is the level surface to flush out the indoor warmth through the air vents of the auxiliary metal body of the laptop. The laptops must be interesting, much creative and new with speeding up of specialized proficiency. What’s more, enlist best Dell Laptop Repair Center in IMT Manesar experts who have the expertise to handle even little too extreme breakdown in the framework.

 The warmth sink, including the air coursing fan, is the minimized cooling stage to diminish the warmth inside the compartment of the Dell laptop. In this way, this warmth sink fundamentally takes the warmth to outside in the air. In this way, to improve the cool feel in the laptop, go for the substitution of the warmth spreader which sits on the warmth sink and fan. They give moment Dell servicing, and manual repair manage. At last, decide on the moderate Dell laptops repair arrangement with an entire on location preparing. Surveys composed by famous laptop repairing engineers are additionally wellsprings of having valuable data about the alternate route approaches to modify the Dell laptops.

It is necessary to submit the Dell laptop to the authorized service centre so that user can get the laptop with the proper service at the unbeatable price. In case of any replacement over the electronic product over the Dell laptop, we informed the customer. We then went with the genuine product which helps to deliver the same performance in winning way. On the other hand, the Dell Laptop Care Center in Manesar filled with the expertise that can finely identify the problem and provide the right solution. Hence it will be easy to get easily solve the problem.

 We have tools and other software to fix all type of issue on the Dell laptops. Our staffs are professional and handle the customer in a friendly manner so we can drive more traffic to the service centre. Here the Dell Repairing Center in Gurugram is the exact place to find out the approved centre to solve the major problem finely with no trouble on it. Even we provide the toll-free number which is open at 24 hours to deliver the customer service so the user can get solve few problems via mobile itself. Hence it saves time and cost of the user on getting the laptop service.


Laptop Authorized Service Center Near Me

Sikanderpur Palam Vihar Manesar
New Railway Road Bus Stand Gurugram Sohna Road Udyog Vihar

Dell Authorized Laptop Service Center in Gurugram

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#13796 Solution | Laptop | Dell Service Center
  • 9W4Q+5WH, Manesar, Gurugram, Haryana 122051 Gurugram 122051
  • Business Hours :
  • Category : "dell" "gurugram"
  • 1800-425-4002
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Laptop Repair, Replacement & Parts Updated Price List

Modal Number / Series Part Name Original Part Replacement Cost Repair Cost Discount up to 10% on Repair Approx Saving Onsite Diagnostic Price
Dell Laptop Screen and Display 2508 to 8750 842 to 2250 508 492 358
Dell Laptop Keyboard 1237to 3850 863 to 2250 513 437 363
Dell Laptop Motherboard / Daughter Board 5566 to 17500 1484 to 6850 983 766 366
Dell Laptop C Mos Battery 498 to 1550 Not Repairable 198 198 302
Dell Laptop HDD or Hard Drive 1598 to 5250 802 to 2250 202 298 398
Dell Laptop SSD or Solid State Drive 1284 to 6550 884 to 1750 216 216 384
Dell Laptop Windos Recovery & Installation & Up grade 2569 to 4250 831 to 1750 481 481 369
Dell Laptop Data Recovery 1270 to 3550 870 to 1750 520 520 370
Dell Laptop Hinges 1322 to 3550 778 to 1750 322 322 422
Dell Laptop Fan 940 to 3750 760 to 1750 340 340 260
Dell Laptop Speaker 1539 to 3650 Not Repairable 439 439 539
Dell Laptop Antivirus Installation & Removal 505 to 1750 395 to 999 95 95 295
Dell Laptop Ram Upgrade & Installation 1293 to 4250 807 to 1550 293 293 393
Dell Laptop Body ABH Parts 2544 to 6550 806 to 1250 294 294 394
  1. Price may vary depending on product availability & market price fluctuation.
  2. No Fix No Free @ NSS Laptop Service Center Store.

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