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Firstly, unplug all the connected hardware elements like power cable, wifi mouse and keyboard, and else. Press and hold the power button for 15 to 20 seconds. It will drain out the residual power. Now. plugin the power cable and turn on the Dell laptop.

Within this process, you can also remove the battery from the laptop and re-install it before you turn it on.

There may be several issues regarding the booting of a dell laptop. We have already covered the topic - of common laptop problems, and you can snake it through if you like to know about it.

Now, coming to the technical side of the dell laptop not turning on, there are several places from where this problem can initiate.

Electrical outlet - primarily check the electrical outlet with which your laptop is plugged in. Maybe it’s not providing power to the laptop and the battery is fully discharged. Try another power outlet to figure this out.

Battery - If your laptop battery is dead then your laptop will not turn on. Try turning on your laptop, while plugged in, after removing the battery. If your battery is faulty then it’s time to go for a new battery.

BIOS and other hardware issues - if your power outlet and the battery is working then there may be other problems related to the BIOS or the other primary hardware elements like the motherboard. If this is the case, you need to communicate with a trusted dell laptop repair center in Delhi. You can also go to the authorized dell laptop service center near you in Patel Nagar Delhi.

There may be a thermal issue. Check your air vents and clean them. Check the cooling fan that cools down the CPU and the processor. If the fan is failing, replace it. Further, the heat sink flux that connects your CPU and processors to your cooling devices may have dried up or worn off due to aging.

There may be issues with the motherboard short circuit in a recurring manner. There may be too many bad sectors within the HDD. Coming to the software part, you may have installed a malicious program on your laptop that is virus-infested. Check these issues that require the skill of a versatile dell laptop repair center near Patel Nagar, Delhi.
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