Asus Authorized Service Center in India

We are sure that you are looking for an ASUS service center near you so that we will share your authorised center's list and their main customer support contact details with you.


You can connect with your nearby authorized Asus service centers in many ways.

  • Authorized Asus service center webpage for India - This is the mother page for all information regarding the Asus service center and the other allied services that Asus provides through its channel partner program. You can find information for connecting with authorized Asus service centers.

  • Call 1800 209 0365—This is the official mobile number for all sorts of communication. You can call this number at different times for different service queries. However, Asus has provided this valid number for India only. If you go to the webpage mentioned earlier, you will find the timing range for recalling this number that Asus has provided.

  • Connect through your WhatsApp—Friends, you can connect with the official Asus service through WhatsApp. Follow this link to the Asus official Whatsapp page. Then, through your WhatsApp number, you can connect with this Whatsapp portal.

  • Find the nearest Asus service center near me—Locations—This page shows the Google map location of the authorized Asus service centers. It contains a Google map along with Asus service center location pins. These service centers' physical locations and addresses can also be found on this page. Put your home or office address on the address locator search bar, and the search result will show the Asus service center nearest to your Address.

  • Asus India Support - This is the mother page for the Asus support centers. There are three main categories here on this page, and they are:

    • Product Information- Here you can find an Asus model name, an Asus product serial number, and the version number for the BIOS that your device is running currently 

    • Product policy - This segment includes information about the Product's service policy from Asus like Customer damage, Commercial Notebook Warranty Policy, Warranty Terms, Asus Premium Care, Purchase Warranty extension package with MyASUS, and IMPORTANT CYBERSECURITY NOTICE

    • MyASUS - MyASUS offers support features like problem troubleshooting and other support for individual Asus devices.

  • Asus Dedicated Business Support webpage—this is Asus's business solution page. Asus offers various products to large—and medium-scale businesses and educational groups. This page is dedicated to companies that may demand Asus products as solutions.

  • Asus Email support page—Contactless communication has been the best form of communication during this COVID situation. As a result, Asus is also focusing on contactless service solutions, which resulted in this page. You can immediately email your queries to the Asus service center on this page.

  • Asus - Check your device warranty status page- As the segment name says, you can check your Asus device warranty status on this page. Before giving it to Asus service centers, you can ensure whether your device is under warranty or not. This is an excellent way to know whether you will have to pay for the service or not.

  • Asus repair status inquiry page—If you have submitted your device to the Asus service center, this page will help you find the repair status. It is an excellent way to officially know how long you will have to wait to receive your device from the Asus service center.

Different service query timings exist for mobile phones, laptops, network gear, motherboards, HDDs, SSDs, and others.

Now, if you are looking for NSS laptop service center pages for Asus service, please follow  our page links:

We also have similar pages for the other laptop brands dedicated to other important cities. 

Is Asus service available in India?

To request onsite service, call our toll-free number. Call 1800 209 0365


If you go on the web and search about the side effects of Asus authorized service centers, you will land on articles headlined like:

  • How can I trust an Asus laptop service center?

  • How do I know whether I'm receiving the same laptop that I deposited to an authorized laptop service center?

  • How do I ensure that no mechanic has altered the other hardware parts of my laptop/computer?

  • My laptop became slow after being given to a laptop repair shop. What might be the reason?

Many similar questions hanging there on Google SERPs, Quora, and other similar places.

The main issue is trust here. Whether it's an authorized laptop service center or a private one, the transparency in the repair service should be so strong that your users believe you.

Except for this trust issue, there are other mixed sides to an ASUS-authorized service center, and we will be looking into those now.


As you may have known, the service charge of an authorized Asus service center is higher than that of other private laptop service centers.

The other side of the coin is that if your laptop is under warranty, you can enjoy a free service depending on the conditions.

If the free service conditions are met, you get the benefit. You must bear the service charge even if your laptop is under warranty.

Longer Time

Like the others, authorized Asus service centers also take a long time to return your repaired laptop.

This period also depends on the complexity of the repair work. Technically, authorized Asus service centers function in a predefined modular way.

They may ship your laptop to various connected departments for repair. And this entire internal shipping process burns a lot of time.

Private laptop service centers always look to deliver repaired laptops to customers as soon as possible to retain their customer base.

Some of them, like NSS, have a same-day delivery work process if possible.

Covered Services

Even if your laptop is under the warranty period, you may not get all its benefits.

As most of the replacement warranties cover only the hardware manufacturing defects, you do not get any coverage for mishaps like a liquid spill, an accidental laptop drop, or anything else that gets broken in any way.

Customer Service 

Authorized Asus service centers do not cover all types of services.

Authorized Asus centers do not pick up your faulty laptop from your doorstep like the other premium certified laptop service centers.

Nearly all the time, you must carry your computer to their service center points or shops. 

However, an authenticated laptop service center like NSS offers doorstep service.

We can pick up your laptop and repair it for you. You are just a call away.

Chip Level Service

Most authorized Asus service centers do not offer chip-level service for free like the other big branded laptop service centers.

Let's say you have a motherboard problem that is getting initiated from certain parts of the motherboard.

Most authorized laptop service centers will advise you to go for a complete replacement at your own cost.

It can be avoided if your laptop fulfills two qualifications:

  •  It's under the replacement warranty.

  • The fault is labeled as a manufacturing defect.

Limited Service Time/Availability

Authorized Asus service centers, like other laptop service centers, do not function on weekends or local and national holidays.

So, service availability is a big issue here, where private laptop service centers like ours offer our service throughout the week and even on certain holidays. 


Personal data is essential to us. Authorized laptop service centers do not back up your data before starting the repair so that you can lose your precious data at any point in the repair cycle.

On the other hand, when you come to us with your laptop, we do a data backup before we start repairing it, and that too with absolute user consent. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Admittedly, there is no definitive answer to this. Different Asus customers will answer this question differently. Those with good experience will say that Asus customer service is good. However, those who faced extreme difficulties would not sound good about this. So, it depends on whether your problem is getting solved or not.

The clear answer is no. Asus does not have an onsite, doorstep, or home service in India. You will have to carry your laptop to your nearest Asus service center. You can check the valuable information regarding the Asus service detailed in the upper section of this page. But if you own an Asus laptop and are looking for home service, the NSS service center is the best solution. We provide a 7-day doorstep service. You call us, and our people will pick up your laptop from your home or office. 

You can email them about your queries. There is an official page for that. We have detailed that before on this page. You can still follow this official email support webpage.

We already have details about Asus authorized service center contact points. You can still follow this page to start your queries with Asus. 

It depends on the complexity of the repair issue. Like all other laptop brands, Asus laptop repair charges also range between a few hundred to a few thousand. Having said this, Asus charges for its service in a modular way. It charges separately for the diagnosis and the labor charge. Diagnosis charge: INR250/- Labor charge: From INR500/- to INR800/-. For a better understanding, you can also follow the official webpage.

Suppose you are within your warranty period and your device has not experienced User- or customer-induced damage like accidental drop, breakage, or something similar. In that case, you can receive free service from Asus. Further, if there\'s any damage initiated by installing any third-party software or glitch on the BIOS or the OS, you are not covered for unrestricted service. Further, you can get free service if you want to buy the extended warranty package. And, as per Asus, the APC or the Asus premium care is optimized for any budget size and customer.

A wide range of cost-reduced and optimized service packages that can meet any user demands of any service size. Maximum service protection is guaranteed as it goes beyond the standard warranty service. Device downtime is minimized, as the APC is always available as needed. This is the best way to leverage Asus\'s skilled and scaled service.

We have already discussed this point on this page. There are many different communication channels if you want to communicate with anyone who is an official with Asus. Still, if you\'re going to reach the Asus service center with the official  Asus laptop customer care number, it is - 1800 209 0365.

The following search terms regarding the Asus laptop service center are pretty popular. People are searching for these questions, and we will try to cover as much as possible on this page with all the answers you are looking for. To find official Asus India customer care webpages, you can search the following terms on Google: Asus customer care Asus customer care number Asus India customer care Asus laptop customer care number Asus support India Toll-free customer care Asus laptop service center Further, if you are looking for the Asus customer care number in India, you can go to the official Asus India customer care page with the Address:

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