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We provide the best laptop repair services in Noida. A laptop repair near me team of experienced technicians is highly qualified to fix all types of laptops and notebooks. We offer a one-stop solution for all your laptop problems. Laptop repair in Noida technicians can fix any kind of problem with your laptop including screen replacement, charging port repair, motherboard replacement, and much more. We use only genuine parts in our repairs so that you get the best quality at affordable prices. Laptop repairing shop near me technicians will always provide you with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee because we know that your time is valuable and you need a perfect solution for your computer problems.

Laptop service center Noida is a company that offers the best quality of services. We have been in this industry for a long time and have a lot of experience in repairing computers, laptops, and other electronic equipment. The laptop repair shop near me knows how important it is to get your laptop repaired as soon as possible, so we offer to ship it within NCR. Our team will go through all the details about your device, including what's wrong with it and how much it would cost to repair it. Once you've made your decision, our technicians will get started immediately on the repairs, so you can be sure that you'll get the best results from us.

Laptop home service near me is a reputed service provider of all types of Laptop Repair and Maintenance in Noida. The laptop service center near me has a team of expert technicians who are well-trained to handle all types of issues related to laptops.

We provide services like:

• Internet connection problems

• Liquid Spills

• Software issues resolved

• Keyboard damaged or replacement of keypad

• Motherboard replacement

NSS Laptop repairing in Noida provides you with the best service to fix your laptop. We offer a wide range of services such as laptop repair, laptop screen replacement, and laptop keyboard repair. We have a team of highly qualified technicians who are well-versed in fixing various problems that occur with laptops. Our technicians have years of experience in repairing all types of laptops. They have excellent knowledge about all types of components used in making a laptop along with their working principles and operation. They can fix any problem related to hardware or software on your laptop by using innovative solutions rather than using brute force methods which may damage the internal components.

Signs of the logic board deactivation, dead battery, panel board dysfunction, and heat sink overheating are varied.   A newcomer doesn’t understand the exact reason for the automatic shutdown of the laptop. Laptop Repairing in Noida is brilliant and much effective to help customers to deal with their devices nicely. 

 Laptop Home Service in Noida

The logic board installation or overall hardware refurbishing must be perfect and up to the mark. We are a reputed laptop repair center near me, which is based in Noida for giving you urgent support with numerous updates, descriptive notes, feedback, and tips for fast device rejuvenation.   Our popularity will not fade overnight due to our strong commitment to serving clients with higher responsibility.  We have advanced Laptop Repairing services in Noida to attract customers. They are entertained by our high potential and experienced tech associates to modify the systems.  Check our groundwork, sample prototypes, and bundles of success records to measure the caliber of the team.  At present, the visibility of our tech solution company on Google is very regular with higher SERP rates to overtake others.   You will get assurance from us to pack up the laptop repair within the deadline or much earlier.  We give our free quotes and checklist to prepare the financial budget for managing laptop repair expenses.  Visiting your home,   technicians overhaul the systems and then work fast till the complete recovery of the laptop.  Hardware, software, and data recovering mechanisms must be globally standard.   Motherboard Repairing of the dell/hp/Lenovo laptop is complicated.   Without being much careful and meticulous, you will fail to reconfigure the logic board.  Our proficient mechanics have powerful microscopes and monitoring systems to magnify the tiny portion of the main board for diagnosis.  A minuscule segment of the logic board is enlarged for better analysis. At our workshop, we are able to trace the technical faults and then prescribe solutions.  We have experts to advise customers as well as how to overtake technical hazards promptly. 

 Laptop Repair in Greater Noida

The best laptop repair company in Noida must have a website to communicate with remote customers.   We are proud of using the top classic e-commerce portal to keep in touch with clients.  Find our request page to hire mechanics for fast hardware/software updates without improvisation.  Customers who reside in Noida are agreed that this laptop repairing agency is different from other local boutiques in terms of service quality, laptop maintenance expertise, and performance in the long run.   Chat with us online at midnight as we are free here to give you awesome support, suggestions, and innovative tips to restore the devices from the scratch.   If you are unable to reach us online, leave a message and we will get back to you. 

In comparison to other local laptop repairing workstations, we are punctual to attend to our customers with dynamic answers. We refurbish HP, Lenovo, Acer, and Samsung laptops with immense care.   We also do the proper data recovery and content management by installing world-class software on your miniature laptops. 

Cheap Laptop & All In One Computer Machine Repair & Service Price List at Noida

Type All in One Machine Laptop
✅ Repair & Replacement of Screen or Display at Noida 850 to 11000 850 to 18500
✅ Keyboard/Trackpad Repair at Noida 850 to 3250 850 to 4250
✅ Motherboard Repair Service & Replacement Cost at Noida 1000 to 6500 1000 to 9250
✅ Battery/CMOS Problems Solution at Noida 250 to 1250 250 to 1250
✅ Hard Drive Problems or HDD at Noida 250 to 6850 350 to 9500
✅ Software Upgraden & Virus Removal at Noida 250 to 6500 250 to 6500
✅ Recovery & Operating System or Windows Installation at Noida 799 to 9999 799 to 9999
✅ Laptop Hinges Repair or Replacement Cost at Noida 850 to 1500 1250 to 3500
✅ SSD Upgradation Cost at Noida 1500 to 8500 1500 to 8500
✅ Laptop Ram Repair & New Installation Cost at Noida 1000 to 2250 1850 to 8800

Price may vary depending on availability & market fluctuation.

Why Choose NSS Laptop Service Center at Noida?


Yes! We warranty our repair services for 30 days and also give a money-back assurance!


Mostly, we try to offer services on the same day a client contacts us with no added charges.


Yes! We have been providing specialized training to each of our team members to repair any complex issues within hrs.


We are well experienced to handle: Dell, Apple, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Sony, and Many More.


This is always a difficult thing to choose a laptop repair services company but you can contact us and try our services to get the best experience ever.


We are happy to help you in all possible ways. If you do not find your question’s a suitable answer, You can write here and we will get back to you with a proper answer.



Shop No 85, G.F., Near Sagar Ratna Restaurant, Captain Vijyant Thapar Marg Sector 15, Noida , Uttar Pradesh 201301
Business Hours : 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Deals in : Laptop Repair & Spare Parts
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Frequently Asked Questions

Press [F1] or [F5] to display the Help menu.

Select "Keyboard."

Select "Cursor Keys."

Select "Unlock."

If your mouse stops working, this could be due to a problem with the touchpad on your HP laptop. You can check if the problem is with the touchpad by checking whether it works when you press and release it or if it only works when you tap the top of the pad.

In Windows 10 Settings, click on Devices in the left menu.

2. Click on Mouse or Touchpad in the right pane to open the device settings screen.

3. Select Use mouse and touchpad when I press a special key on my keyboard, if it is enabled (click Yes).

4. Click Apply and then Ok to save your changes.

The laptop screen change cost in India is between Rs. 3000 and Rs. 7000 depending upon the make and model of the laptop.

Contact our professional for repairing cost details, they can fix your laptop power button very quickly.

Yes! We offer on-site services in Noida, our diagnosing charges are 250/-.

No, we are a private Laptop repair center in Noida, we only provide services for void warranty products at customer friendly rates.

Check our blog on how to boot up a laptop, you can find your answers there and best possible methods to fix it.

We only use genuine spare parts, we also offer home services for our clients at affordable cost. We have experienced technicians who have years of experience in this field. We offer one month post warranty services and free pickup and delivery options.

Yes, we provide services all days of week 10am to 7pm.

If the fault is non technical you get your laptop repaired within a few hours.

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