Application error 0xc000007b in Windows 10 is one of the most common problems with Windows OS. It leads many users to tear their hair out while installing a game or a program on their PC or even during some OS update in a few cases. Not only the Windows 10 users are getting migraines because of it, but the same code may also haunt you day and night even when you are using older versions like Windows 8.1, 8, or 7. Before digging through the solutions, let’s determine the possible reasons behind application error 0xc000007b in Windows 10 or other operating systems.

When Do You See Application Error 0xc000007b In Windows 10 Or Other Systems?

Although there are numerous reasons for this error code to appear, the most common one is the incompatibility issue of a program on your computer.

  • Error code 0xc000007b follows a message saying, “The application was unable to start correctly.”

This message means that your computer isn’t compatible with the application you are trying to launch. Suppose you are attempting to launch an application suitable for a 32-bit OS, whereas your computer runs on a 64-bit version or vice-versa. Now, the 64-bit system may establish a 32-bit dll, but that doesn’t work all the time correctly. Again, the 32-bit system cannot load a 64-bit application. Here comes the application error 0xc000007b in Windows 10. This situation also occurs due to outdated Microsoft Visual C++ code, .NET Framework, or Direct X system files, as they are directly connected to your OS to run any program efficiently.

Some of the standard games and programs facing this issue are Far Cry, Fifa, Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed IV, IOS burner software, and many more, especially which are vastly used by a lot of people.

  • The same error code 0xc000007b may also occur in some cases when you try to run a heavy graphics-oriented program without updating your PC correctly.
  • This situation can also arise at the time of a new OS installation.
  • Again, when you are trying to run something as a guest user, whereas it is permitted only for the administrator, you may get blocked by the application error 0xc000007b in any Windows OS, including Windows 10.

That said, every time the OS is unable to process the application requirements, you might get the warning of application error 0xc000007b in Windows 10 or Windows 7, 8, or 8.1. Now, let’s see what we can do about it to get rid of the message.

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How To Fix Application Error 0xc000007b In Windows 10 Or Other OSs

We will be starting with easy and quick fixes. If those can’t fix your issue, we will delve further.

Quick Methods To Eradicate Application Error 0xc000007b In Windows 10 Or Any Other Windows OS

Method 1: Restart your machine

Just believe me on this. Sometimes the internal issue is only temporary. Reboot the PC and try to relaunch the program. Didn’t work? Let’s try something else then.

Method 2: Run as administrator

The feature “User Account Control” in Windows OS confines some applications to launch in a guest window. Some commands can only be executed as an administrator. Hence you may see the application error 0xc000007b in Windows 10 or similar OSs while using them as a guest but not when you demand the same as the administrator.

  1. Right-click on the application icon.
  2. Select “Run as administrator.”
  3. Or do it from the Settings section in the Properties window.

If it doesn’t resolve, we will proceed further.

Method 3: Fix Compatibility Issues

Yes, sometimes, problems are not so complex at all, except for the compatibility of the application in your OS. And when you run them in compatibility mode, the application error 0xc000007b in Windows 10 or other OSs goes away.

  1. Click on the Windows icon at the bottom-left corner of your desktop when you are running Windows 10.
  2. There, navigate to the concerned application and right-click on it.
  3. In the More option, choose the Open file location.
  4. There, right-click on the application icon again.
  5. Select Properties and then click on the Compatibility option.
  1. Now, select "Run compatibility troubleshooter. "
  2. Here, we see two options, "Try recommended settings" and another is “Troubleshoot program.”
  1. When you try the recommendation, it also “Test the program” for the compatibility settings.
  2. If the program launches appropriately, then you are done. Just confirm it when you are asked, and it will update the program if needed.
  3. Otherwise, you will be asked to troubleshoot it again to repair the application.

If this process doesn’t work, we have to select the OS version manually.

  1. Simply reach the compatibility tab as before.
  2. This time, check on the box referring to “Run this Program in Compatibility Mode For.”
  1. From the dropdown list, choose any of the earlier Windows versions.
  2. Now press Apply and then click OK.

Check if the application persists in the same situation or not. Try the next solution if it’s yet unresolved.

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Method 4: Open a new user account

You can also create a new user account to check if the application error 0xc000007b in Windows 10 or other OSs appears there or not.

  1. Reach for the Control Panel navigating through the Start button.
  2. There, choose User Accounts and again User Accounts and then select Manage another account option.
  1. Here, click on the "Add a new user in PC Settings" link and follow the instructions to have a new user.
  2. Now, log on to the new account and launch the troubled program.

If it behaves similarly, we have no choice but to try other options to solve the application error 0xc000007b in Windows 10 or some other Windows OSs.

Method 5: Check DirectX Version

DirectX is a set of components that allows software and specifically games to communicate directly with the OS hardware. Therefore, having some trouble in it or xinput1_3.dll file as its component may lead you to the application error 0xc000007b in some Windows OSs.  xinput is a game controller API, which receives input from your Windows OS. Now, these files can be misplaced or corrupted for lots of reasons such as a defective application or malware attack, or similar. When that happens, you can only repair DirectX using DirectX Redist (June 2010) installer package or DirectX Runtime June 2010 package for Windows 7 or older Windows OSs. For Windows 10, you can only check the version of DirectX:

  1. Open the Run window from the keyboard by pressing Windows + R.
  2. Write “dxdiag” there and Enter.
  3. Click Yes if you are asked whether you want to run the DirectX Diagnostic Tool or not.
  1. In that window, check the DirectX version on the first page System Information section.
  1. The Windows 10 and Server 16 versions are DirectX 11.3 and 12.
  2. Since there is no stand-alone package to update DirectX, you have to update your OS in order to update DirectX.

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Method 6: Update the OS

If your operating system is not up-to-date, it causes a lot of problems with various applications.

  1. Check in the Update & Security section if any latest update is available for you or not.
  1. Then download the most current one and install it.
  2. Restart your PC.
  3. Then launch your desired program again and see what happens.

If you are still facing the application error 0xc000007b in Windows 10, we take the next step for a solution.

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Method 7: Reset the application

To reset the program and repair the application error 0xc000007b in Windows 10, we have to reach inside Windows settings.

  1. Press the Windows button + I from the keyboard to open the Windows Settings option.
  2. Click on Apps.
  1. There you can see all the applications available on your PC.
  2. There, click on the troubled software.
  3. You can uninstall or reset any application from here.
  4. If it’s a default Windows application, select the Advanced options link.
  1. Tap on the Reset box, and it will reset the program and clear off the corrupted files in the process.
  2. If it’s a user-installed software, then press the Modify Button.
  1. It will open the Setup Window.
  2. There, you can see that the “Repair Installation errors in the program” option is checked already. Click Next. It will reset the application properly.

Try launching the software after a restart. If it’s a stubborn one to remove, let’s dig deeper.

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Method 8: Uninstall the program and then reinstall it again

If resetting the app doesn’t help you remove the issue, let’s clean it off entirely and download the latest upgraded version of this software compatible with your OS. This method may yield the result when the software has got some bugs that are taken care of in the updated version.

  1. From the search bar, navigate to the Control Panel.
  2. And from there, Programs.
  3. And then Uninstall a program or Uninstall or change a program.
  1. There, you will find the underlying application.
  2. You should disable the antivirus protection if you have any. Because it may prevent some installation at times.

If you install a program from a trusted source, you will be okay for your safety. After reinstallation, check whether you can see the same application error 0xc000007b in Windows 10 or any other OS you are using or if it’s gone completely. No? Well then, our problem may not be a compatibility issue, but even deeper. Let’s try some advanced methods to mitigate the error code 0xc000007b issue from your device.

Advanced methods to eradicate The Application Error 0xc000007b in Windows 10 or any other Windows OS


Method 9: Clean Boot The System To Check For Third-party Apps

Sometimes there exist some third-party apps which may block a few applications on your laptop or computer. In that case, the process of the clean boot helps us find them and eliminates software conflicts. As a result, you get the application error 0xc000007b in Windows 10, or maybe Windows 7, 8, or 8.1. Note: Before performing a clean boot, you may start the machine in Safe mode. Safe mode runs the PC in a primary state with limited files and drivers set. If a problem doesn't arise in safe mode, that means that the basic device drivers and the default settings aren't causing it. Now, by performing a clean boot, we shall remove the external software to check if the underlying error can be removed this way or not.

  1. First, run your PC as the administrator.
  2. Now, open the dialogue box of the Run window.
  3. Type ‘msconfig’ there and press OK.
  1. Now in the System Configuration window, select the Services option.
  2. There, check the “Hide all Microsoft services” box and choose to Disable all.
  1. Now right-click on the taskbar to open Task Manager.
  2. Then go to the “Startup” tab.
  3. Here, click on every item, and then select Disable.
  4. Now, close the Task Manager Window and press OK on the “System Configuration” page.
  5. Lastly, reboot the PC to let the changes activate.

Rerun your application, and it shouldn’t show the error code again. If it persists, we have other ways to sweep it off the PC.

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Method 10: Check for any disk errors

The application error 0xc00007b may have occurred due to some corrupted or broken file present in the hard drive or somewhere else in the system. To find that out, we can proceed in two different ways. Note: We can also check the system files as well as repair them by using the System File Checker Tool (sfc.exe). See the process on the Microsoft official page.

  1. First, open the Computer or This PC icon.
  2. There, reach for Disc C and right-click on it.
  3. Select Properties > Tools > Check.
  1. This process will scan and repair the hard disk errors if possible.
  2. Now, restart the PC to check if the application error 0xc000007b in Windows 10 or other Windows OS is gone or not.
  3. You can check the other partitions or disk drives in a similar manner.

Or, we can use Command Prompt for the same purpose to remove the application error 0xc000007b in Windows 10 or other OSs.

  1. Write Command Prompt in the search bar appearing left to the taskbar.
  2. Right-click on the Command Prompt app and select Run as administrator to open the elevated version.
  1. Click Yes.
  2. Now write c: /f /r or chkdsk /f /r and hit Enter.
  1. When you are asked whether to scan the disk at the next restart or not, type Y to confirm and then tap Enter.
  2. Then reboot the computer. This will scan the entire hard disc or c drive and wash off the possible issues.
  3. Similarly, as before, if you want to check other partitions, such as the E drive, you have to type e: /f /r at the place of c: /f /r. All of the other steps are just the same.
  4. Now restart the machine, and the automatic scanning will start on your computer.
  5. The process will take some time and then boot up again.
  6. Now, relaunch the troubled software.

What do you see? Is it gone already, or do we have to move forward? Ok then, let’s try something else.

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Method 11: Repair or Reinstall the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages

As we already stated, this issue of the application error 0xc000007b in Windows 10 can arise from the Microsoft Visual C++ problem; we should try to fix it first. If it doesn’t work, we will reinstall it completely.

  1. At first, follow this path Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features > Uninstall a program.
  2. There, you will see the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable (x86), in case your PC runs on 32-bit OS, or the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable (x64), where your OS is a 64-bit one.
  3. Right-click on it and click on Change. Here, you can only see the Change option from the 2012 versions, not for the previous ones.
  1. Now you get the Repair option. Select that.
  1. Choose Yes in the appeared window.
  2. Now you have to wait for the package to be repaired.
  3. When it’s done, you have to repeat the same for the other packages as well.
  4. Finally, reboot the machine after all are done.

When the laptop or desktop opens up again, launch the ailing software. If the process didn’t work, try uninstalling these packages to install the fresh versions.

  1. Here, the process is quite similar, except you have to select the Uninstall option instead of clicking on the Change button.
  2. Now, when the uninstallation process is finished, restart your computer.
  3. Then download the packages from Microsoft's official website.

For a 32-bit OS, check

For a 64-bit option, go to

  1. When you are finished with all the options, reboot the computer.

After it boots up, launch the troubled software once again. When you see the same error message, read the next step below.

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Method 12: Update or Reinstall the .NET Framework

Some basic .NET Frameworks are responsible for running a plethora of applications in Windows 10 or other Windows OSs along with the Microsoft Visual C++ packages. Therefore, it is inevitable that outdated forms of these frameworks will create some woes while running various software. Hence, upgrading the fresh version of them may repair the application error 0xc000007b problem in Windows 10 and others.

  1. Navigate to Control Panel > Programs and Features > Turn Windows features on or off.
  2. The Windows features page will pop up in front of you.
  3. You can see .NET Framework 3.5 for basic operations is selected in the beginning.
  1. Tap on the OK button. It will kick off the download and installation automatically.
  2. Follow the instructions and restart the PC.
  3. Now, launch the concerned application to see the current situation.

Or you can also get the Recommended .NET Framework update from the official Microsoft website and follow the suggestions to install it on your PC. You can expect not to see the application error 0xc000007b in Windows 10 again after this operation. You can also reinstall all the .Net Framework manually for a better way to flush out any corrupted version of them in your system.

  1. Reach inside Control Panel > Programs and Features.
  2. Now indicate the .NET items and right-click on them.
  3. Press Uninstall/Change.
  4. Now, the on-screen directions will tell you the process of uninstalling the items entirely.
  5. Lastly, open the official Microsoft website to download and reinstall the required framework manually.

Still nothing? Let’s go further.

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Method 13: Reinstall Windows 10 or Other Windows OS

When nothing seems to work even when you have installed a compatible version of the software in your OS, you should try to reinstall your entire Windows OS to remove the application error 0xc000007b in Windows 10 or others. Remember: Take backup for all your files somewhere else, such as an external hard drive, before starting the process. Here are the steps to clean install your OS using a bootable device such as a USB stick.

  1. Reboot the machine with the USB stick connected to it.
  2. It will navigate you into the “Windows Setup” option.
  3. Follow the instructions from there.
  4. After the process finishes, your device will reboot again.
  5. Select the setup option as a new PC.
  6. Install your required apps, ensuring the compatible version for your current OS.

This is it. You are done. If the application error 0xc000007b in Windows 10 persists, which is unlikely, we have the last option to install some essential software here.

Method 14. Installation of All In One Software

There is some software out there to help you run a lot of software efficiently. AiO 210 or All In One 210 is one such application that installs basic runtime files required to open some software. Although this is a third-party application, it’s quite beneficial to fix the application error 0xc000007b in Windows 10 or other earlier OSs.

  1. Type AiO 210 downloads in the online search bar to install it free from there.
  2. After downloading, install the software in a specified location on your PC.
  3. Extract the files and run them. Check the video here if needed.
  4. Now, in this software window, go to the Installation tab.
  1. Search for the missing files and install them.
  2. Restart the computer, and your problem of the application error 0xc000007b in Windows 10 should be repaired already.

Check here in the Wiki link to get the detailed installation process and then use it to repair the missing files. If you have tried all the above processes and still experiencing the same application error 0xc000007b in Windows 10 or any other OS, you should get some expert advice to get a proper solution here. You can also contact us at the NSS laptop service center to let our experienced engineers take a peek at your device. They will be able to diagnose the problem quickly and fix it in no time.

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You can also use some third-party PC Repair Tool from trusted sources like CCleaner, Restoro, or other automatic software. Don’t download whatever you get. Check the reviews online and then decide. For non-tech-savvy people, it’s the best option to diagnose the trouble, causing the application error 0xc000007b in Windows 10 or other Windows OSs. You may also get some help recovering lost data due to this error code 0xc000007b in Windows OSs. DiskGenius offers something like that.

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Bottom Line

Well, these are some possible fixes for the application error 0xc000007b in Windows 10, or 8, 8.1, or 7 we discussed here today. And since you were so patient to read this long description till the end, I guess you got something useful out of it. If not, as I mentioned before, we are always here to help. All you need to do is one phone call or chat conversation. Even an email will do. I’m sure expert hands will be able to fix the situation immediately. For more queries, please contact us or comment here to ask whatever you want. Also, we are all ears for any good suggestion, don’t hesitate to write to us. Hoping to get some replies from you guys soon. Good luck!

Frequently Asked questions


Error code 0xc00007b is an application error that can appear in Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7. Generally, it occurs when your application isn’t compatible to work with your OS version. Such as, you may have a 32-bit OS version, and you installed an application programmed to run on a 64-bit system or vice-versa. Sometimes, the problem is temporary, and only restarting the computer or updating the OS and the application solve this issue. In our solution topic How To Fix Application Error 0xc000007b In Windows 10/8.1/8/7, we have discussed 14 quick to advanced level solutions on how to fix error code 0xc00007b in Windows 10 or other OSs. 

If you are still unable to fix it in your device, contact us in the NSS laptop service center, our expert technicians will take care of that. To find our branch office near you, check these pages: Dell laptop repair center in Thane, Asus laptop repair center near me in Navi Mumbai, Acer repair center in Mumbai, HP repair center near Thane, or other pages. 

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The third-party Aio 210 application is an all-in-one software that installs essential runtime files to launch applications properly. According to our knowledge, it helps to eradicate error code 0xc000007b occurring in some Windows OS. That’s why we kept it as one of our solutions in the topic of how to fix application error 0xc000007b in Windows 10 or other OSs. 

If your problem persists even after applying all the fixes discussed here, you can contact our NSS laptop service center through email, website-based form, WhatsApp chat, or phone call. Our professional experts will be able to remove the ailment after a thorough diagnosis. To find us near you, check our pages like Dell laptop repair center in Mumbai, Asus laptop repair center in Vashi, HP laptop repair center in Thane, and other similar pages. 

You can also find information about the authorized laptop centers near you on our pages providing details on the Authorized Dell service center near me in Mumbai, HP official service centers in Mumbai, authorized Lenovo service center Navi Mumbai, etc. You can also find information about the authorized laptop centers near you on our pages providing details on the Authorized Dell service center near me in Mumbai, HP official service centers in Mumbai, authorized Lenovo service center Navi Mumbai, etc.


Error code 0xc00007b Windows 10 means that you tried to play some application on your Windows 10 OS and it didn’t work, or, maybe stopped after a while. And then you are confronted with this error code 0xc00007b. 

It’s an application error that generally appears in almost all Windows OS including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7. In most cases, the sole cause behind it is the compatibility of your application with the version of OS you are using. Let’s say, your OS version is 32-bit, and without a prior check, you installed a program, meant to run on a 64-bit system. The same can also happen just in the opposite conditions as well. Meaning, you are trying to run a 32-bit compatible program over a 64-bit OS and failed. And now you see the same error code 0xc00007b displayed in front of you.

Don’t worry, it may just be a temporary issue. Restart the computer and see what happens. Also, try updating the OS and also the application to solve the problem. If these don’t work, you can always check our detailed solution page on ‘How To Fix Application Error 0xc000007b In Windows 10/8.1/8/7’. 

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0xc00007b application error in Windows 10 means some or one of your applications aren't opening, or, may be stopped in the middle. And your Windows 10 empowered device is warning you with this 0xc00007b application error appearing on the screen. Yes, it’s an application error, meaning, your device faced some unexpected challenge while launching that particular application, and can’t resolve it on its own. 

Ok, so, there can be many reasons for this error message, and some can be as temporary as a single computer restart may solve it, but in several situations, it’s the compatibility of that application at stake with the OS version currently running on your laptop or computer. When you don’t use a 32-bit compatible program in a 32-bit OS environment or a 64-bit version of a program in a 64-bit system environment, you may face this 0xc00007b application error in Windows 10 or any other Windows OS as in 7, 8, or 8.1 versions as well. As we talked about before, try restarting the machine, updating the program itself, and also the OS version, and if nothing changes, please don’t waste any more time consulting our detailed solution on the same topic How To Fix Application Error 0xc000007b In Windows 10/8.1/8/7. 

Not so tech-savvy? Or, somehow, can’t handle it on your own? Well, what are we here for then? Contact us anytime in the NSS laptop service center, and one of the team members will attain you. If you don’t know how to find us, check any of our pages like Dell laptop repair center in Mumbai, HP laptop repair center in Thane, Asus laptop repair center in Vashi, or so. 


Error 0xc00007b Windows 8.1 is an application error that is common to appear in most of the Windows OS versions including 10, 8, and 7. Now, when you see the error 0xc00007b Windows 8.1 screen, you must try some basic solutions at first. I mean, try restarting the device and then check. If the problem persists, update the program itself, and also check after updating the OS. 

Still nothing? Then uninstall the program and then reinstall it from an authentic source. And this time, before reinstalling it, check your OS version first. Is it a 32-bit variant or a 64-bit one? Then search for the right match for that particular variant your OS is. If it’s 32-bit software, look for a download option that provides a 32-bit compatible option for that application, and the same goes for the 64-bit option as well. Because, it is found that in many cases, this error code 0xc00007b appears due to the compatibility issue of that application with the OS version. Confused about how to do it properly? Consult this topic How To Fix Application Error 0xc000007b In Windows 10/8.1/8/7 for step by step solution.

Does it seem hard for you? That’s ok, lots of people may face that. In that case, you can ask our NSS laptop service center team for help and you will get your laptop fixed as quickly as possible. 

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